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Whats new in Chassissim V324
28 Feb 2014 15:16Whats new in Chassissim V324

In this video tutorial Danny Nowlan the Director discusses the new features in ChassisSim v3.24. Als [ ... ]

Jenvey Turbo Intake for EVO Mitsu's.
24 Feb 2014 12:13Jenvey Turbo Intake for EVO Mitsu's.

The EVO range from Mitsubishi has become a hero of the rally and time attack world, with strong reli [ ... ]

Ferrari wins Bathurst 12 Hour Thriller
10 Feb 2014 13:59Ferrari wins Bathurst 12 Hour Thriller

THE most incredible of Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour races has been emotionally won by Craig Lowndes,  [ ... ]

Durations explained
15 Jan 2014 10:33Durations explained

This week we have an informative article from Cat Cams explaining the concept of camshaft duration a [ ... ]

bf1systems Garage Monitoring System
14 Nov 2013 12:41bf1systems Garage Monitoring System

bf1systems' new Garage Monitoring System allows teams to monitor the status of up to 240 tyres in an [ ... ]

New Pilbeam MP100 designed with Chassissim
02 Nov 2013 09:40New Pilbeam MP100 designed with Chassissim

Pilbeam Racing Designs has long been an avid user of Chassissim to produce a series of successful cu [ ... ]

M197 Ducati Replacement ECU
27 Sep 2013 10:30M197 Ducati Replacement ECU

The M197 is a must have for anyone who's serious about Ducati performance. With mayfeatures that eve [ ... ]

New features in Wintax 2013
12 Sep 2013 13:24New features in Wintax 2013

Wintax 4 is now entering it's 10th year as one of the motorsport industries leading data analysis pa [ ... ]

Open loop simulation with Chassissim
03 Sep 2013 09:03

Chassissim V321 is packed with even more features including a new concept known to us as Open Loop S [ ... ]

Magneti Marelli Electric Power Steering Systems
06 Aug 2013 10:58Magneti Marelli Electric Power Steering Systems

Electric Power Steering is common place in road cars and offers multiple advantages over conventiona [ ... ]

Quick Shift with Nemesis TCS
03 Jul 2013 10:56Quick Shift with Nemesis TCS

Quick shift technology is a fundamental part of the traction control system. Most systems on the mar [ ... ]

BF1 Digityre Lite Sensor Fitting
26 Jun 2013 15:06BF1 Digityre Lite Sensor Fitting

Mounting TPMS sensors looks straightforward enough but care must be taken to get the sequence and to [ ... ]

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