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Product Code: BOSF02UV00
Weight: 2.00kg
Dimensions: 40.00cm x 30.00cm x 20.00cm
Call for Price: +613-8743-5550

Available Options

Bosch ABS M4 Porsche Kit:
991 Cup Car
997 Cup Car
  • Plug & Play ABS M4 Kit for Porsche 997 Cup and 991 Cup
  • Tested and developed on racetracks like Spa and Nordschleife
  • Detailed installation instruction available
  • 1 MBaud CAN



997 Cup (System DF11S)

991 Cup (System DF11i)

4 wheel speed sensors Included, Porsche specific DF11S Not included, series sensors fit
Wheel speed signal splitter Included, Porsche specific Included, new DF11i design
ABS warning light (MIL) Included Included (LED Type)
Brake pipe fittings Not included Included
Fuses Not included Included
Holder for Hydraulic unit Included, standard Included, Porsche specific

Mechanical Data

Hydraulic unit with attached ECU
Vibration damped circuit board
38 pin connector
2 hydraulic valves per wheel
2 brake circuits (front and rear)
2 hydraulic accumulators 3 cm3/each
Standard fittings 2 x master cylinders M12 x 1
4 x brake cylinders M10 x 1
Size 125 x 80.3 x 129.6 mm
Weight 1,850 g
Operating temperature -30 to 130°C
Max. shock 50 g less than 6 ms

Electrical Data
Supply voltage 8 to 16 V, max. 26 V for 5 min
Max. peak voltage 35 V for 200 ms
Power consumption 8 W stand-by, 230 W in operation


4 wheel speeds
Brake pressure (front brake circuit)
Longitudinal acceleration
Lateral acceleration
Yaw rate
Brake light switch
12 position function
• 9 switch positions preconfigured
• 2 switch positions programmable
• 1 switch position for ABS function OFF


ABS warning light (MIL)
Wheel speed on CAN etc.: see manual


K-Line via MSA Box II

, available at Bosch Motorsport dealer
Ordering Information
ABS M4 Kit Porsche 991 Cup
Order number F 02U V00 543-11
ABS M4 Kit Porsche 997 Cup
Order number F 02U V00 289-98
2 | ABS M4 Kit Porsche Cup

Hydraulic unit with attached ECU
Holder for Hydraulic unit
4 Wheel speed sensors: Please see Variations
Wheel speed signal splitter: Please see Variations
Pressure sensor
Yaw/acceleration sensor
12 position function switch
ABS warning light (MIL)
Vehicle specific wiring harness
Vibrations damping board yaw/acceleration sensor
Brake pipe fittings: Please see Variations
Fuses: Please see Variations
Brake pipes not included